for piano solo

TOCCATA for piano was written in 1988 and was honoured the Cantabile Composition Price Antwerp in 1989.
The Cantabile Piano Competition for Youth has been celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2007.
For this occasion a cd with all the honoured compositions has been released in 2008.

The work exists from 3 contrasting parts.

The first part is a Vivo (lively), where clearly the toccata (plucking) is expressed.

The second part is a Lento Lamentoso (slow and complaining) with a clear melodical character, evolving in a Presto (fast).

The last part has an obsessive rhythm whith also the use of metrical changes, which give this part a virtuoso and agitated character.


Available with Wim Henderickx.


Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)


for piano solo
honoured work for the Composition Competition Cantabile, Antwerp 
and also commited work
(+/- 3’)
publisher: Susato, Antwerp
first performance: March 18, 1990 at the Cantabile Piano Competition in Antwerp