for guitar solo

This work was commissioned by the Lemmens Institute Leuven (BE) in 2004 on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of this Music Conservatoire.

A saeta is a devotional song genre, one of the Andalusian categories of Cante Hondo (deep song). The saeta can be associated with the Holy Week in Seville, it is sung along the extended route of the all-night street procession in an atmosphere of fervour and vitality, intermixed with deep reverence and joy.

The work contains 7 parts, inspired by Jesus’ Way to the Cross :

1. Christ condemned to death.
2. The way of the Cross of Jesus.
3. Lamentation of Mary.
4. The crucifixion of Jesus.
5. His death on the cross.
6. The resurrection of Jesus.
7. Meditation.



'In Deep Silence'
Modern Guitar Music (2006)
'SAETA' and 'IN DEEP SILENCE I' from Wim Henderickx.
Raphaëlla Smits, guitar 

Saeta   Contemporary Music from Flanders : 
Composers at the Lemmensinstituut (2005)
Wim Henderickx
Stefan Gaelens, guitar 


Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)

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for guitar solo
commissioned by the Lemmens Instutute, Louvain
(+/- 24’)
first performance: March 4, 2004 at the Lemmens Instutute, Louvain (BE)
Stefan Gaelens, guitar
recording radio Klara