Open air installation at the Market Square in Lier (B) in collaboration with Jorrit Tamminga

Especially for the Opening of this open air installation in April 2012 Wim Henderickx composed the song ELUSIVE TIME, which has been performed by mezzo-soprano Mireille Capelle, mezzo-soprano, accompanied by Jorrit Tamminga's live electronics. 

ONGRIJPBARE TIJD featuring 5 Fountains at the Market Square in LIER - Wim Henderickx's city of birth - is a poetic and intimate work of art. It is inspired by both the town bells and carillon, the Nete (river flowing through the town in Lier) as well as by the elements of nature air, earth and water. The electronics are enhanced by mezzo-soprano Mireille Capelle's voice. All sound material is computer-generated, depending on the time of the day, the week and even the seasons. It results in an endless variety and new sound experiences on every occasion. Each of the 45 underground speakers has an independent sound. Wim Henderickx aims at triggering the listener's poetical reflection.

This concept was realised in collaboration with Jorrit Tamminga:

The famous architects from Ghent - Robbrecht and Daem - developed the new market place with these 5 Fountains.

Market Square Lier

Picture Catherine Cayman (design of the Market Square by Robbrecht and Daem architects) - Largest fountain with a 7 meter diameter


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