ON HAIKU (The Four Seasons)

for shō and string quartet

On Haiku (The Four Seasons) for shō and string quartet was commissioned by the Transit Festival for new music in Leuven in 2016.
In 2015 Wim Henderickx composed the solo version of this work FOR SHO.
Both works are inspired by four haiku and represent the four seasons in short musical impressions.
The four parts of the work (4 Haiku): Haru (Spring), Natsu (Summer), Aki (Autumn) and Fuyu (Winter).

Opposite this traditional Japanese mouth organ, with origins in the music of the Japanese imperial court, is a Western string quartet that colors the shō and provides extra resonance.
The work has a ceremonial and ritual character, also because the shō is played in different areas of the venue in every part. Between the parts are short percussion interventions performed by the shō player.

Naomi Sato and B'Rock


Available with Wim Henderickx


Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)


ON HAIKU (The Four Seasons) for shō and string quartet (2016)
(+/- 10’)
premiere: 28 October 2016 at Transit Festival in Leuven (BE)
B'Rock (on baroque strings)
Naomi Sato, shō