ON HAIKU (The Four Seasons)

for shō

On Haiku (The Four Seasons) for shō was composed in 2015.
In 2016 Wim Henderickx was commissioned to compose a version for SHO & STRING QUARTET for the TRANSIT Festival for new music in Leuven (BE).

The shō is a Japanese free reed musical instrument that was introduced from China. It consists of 17 slender bamboo pipes, each with a metal free reed fitted into its base. As moisture accumulating in the shō's pipes prevents it from sounding, performers can be seen warming the instrument over a small charcoal brazier when they are not playing.

The work is inspired by four haiku and represents the four seasons in short musical impressions.
The four parts of the work (4 Haiku): Haru (Spring), Natsu (Summer), Aki (Autumn) and Fuyu (Winter).

Suggestions by the composer:
perform the four parts in different areas of the venue,
use of percussion instruments in part 1 (small metal chimes), part 2 (small gong)
and in part 3 (small thunder sheet), see score

Naomi Sato playing the shō


Available with Wim Henderickx


Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)


for shō (2015)
(+/- 7’)
premiere: August 9th, 2015 at M.Festival in Bruges (BE)
by Naomi Sato