for variable ensemble

INFINIZIO for variable ensemble was composed in 2013 for Mathias Coppens (pianist) and ensemble deCompagnie.

The instrumentation is free, the ensemble may consist of strings and wind instruments, percussion, piano, guitar, accordions and singers.

The score presents musical material to which the performers can make their own contribution.

It is an open form, the linear concept of time fades in this work, making time dissolve into space, space as musical space (score) and space as location, set-up of the instruments.
Five musical materials (melody, ostinato, arabesques, chords and pulsations) can be performed freely, even one above the other. All five of the materials should however be used.

The spatial set-up is also variable, it can be arranged closely together or spread out in the concert hall.

The performers can determine the duration themselves, between 30" and 15'.


Available at Wim Henderickx


Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)


for variable ensemble
(between 30" and 15')
first performance: 21 September 2013, Amuz in Antwerp
by ensemble deCompagnie