for percussion and orchestra

GROOVE! was commissioned by Brussels Philharmonic in 2010.
Rhythmic elements and patterns of diverse musical styles were a source of inspiration.
In 2012 Wim Henderickx made a version for PERCUSSION AND TWO PIANOS.

In jazz music the 'groove' is the sense of propulsive rhythmic feel or sense of swing, created by the interaction between a band's rhythm section.
In this work African instruments such as caxixi and a kalimba (thumb piano), Arabic-inspired music with derbukas and riqs and Asian-inspired music with tablas,Tibetan bowls etc. are confronted with a Western symphony orchestra, extended with a bass guitar, a synthesizer and a baritone saxophone.

Material the composer used in GISHORA (2009) - for trumpet and 7 African drums - is thoroughly explored in this work.

There is a dialogue as well as a confrontation between soloist and orchestra.

Parts: I: 1001 nights
         II: Into a mystical world
         III: Black magic


  Double Cd Wim Henderickx - RELEASE in March 2016
With SYMPHONY N° 1 (At the Edge of the World)
EMPTY MIND I for oboe and electronics
The Royal Flemish Philharmonic (deFilharmonie),
conductors Martyn Brabbins and Edo de Waart
Available in record shops and online:
(part I  1001 Nights) (part II  Into a Mystical World) (part III Black Magic)


Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)

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GROOVE! (2012)
for percussion and orchestra (+/- 27')
Commissioned by Brussels Philharmonic
Instrumentation: perc solo / 2 (+2 picc), 2, 2, bar sax, 2, cbsn / 2, 2, 1, 0 / perc (2 pl) / synth / electric bass guitar / strings
first performance: February 10, 2011 at the Concertgebouw Bruges
Brussels Philharmonic
cond: Giancarlo Guerrero
percussion: Gert François