for soprano and musical ensemble (flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, violoncello and piano)

ÉVOCATION for voice and musical ensemble was commissioned by Ars Musica in 2019. It was composed on the original French text ‚Évocation’ by Albert Giraud.

The composition was inspired by Schönbergs work ‚Pierrot Lunaire’. He wanted to create a personal musical impression on the poem. The work is also inspired by paintings and statues of the ‘Weeping Madonna’ and the ‘Madonna carrying the child’. It has an emotional and even dramatic atmosphere, just like the text.

The whole piece has a dark undertone, suggested by deep piano sounds, glissandos in the strings, etc. Each instument in the ensemble gets its personal identity and musical gestures. The vocal line is almost always syllabic (each syllable gets a tone), taking into account the word accent in the text.

After an ominous introduction, the first stanza is supported by an ostinato bass, above which free arabesque-like lines are played by the flute and the clarinet.

In the second verse, the dramatic character of the text is represented by glissandos in the violins, supported by broken chords in the piano. This leads to a major climax for the ensemble.

In the third verse the atmosphere changes; it becomes very introspective with multiphonics in the clarinet, muted strings in the piano and a metallic timbre in the strings. This leads to a large burst in the soprano and the ensemble, followed by a stilled, static epilogue.



Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)


Évocation (2019)
for voice, flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, violoncello and piano (+/- 3')
commissioned by Ars Musica, Brussels
World premiere: 24 November 2019 at BOZAR, Brussels (BE)
l’Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, conductor Jean-Paul Dessy
Mezzo-soprano Pauline Claes