Dance of the Gods

for percussion ensemble

Wim Henderickx composed Dance of the Gods for percussion ensemble in 2019, commissioned by Matrix (New Music Centre).

The score is partly traditionally notated and on the other hand also graphically. The musicians have the possibility for improvisation and the aleatory (conscious use of coincidence) is important in this piece.

The composition consists of an introduction, four dances (Sacred Dance, Trance Dance, Sensual Dance and Dance of the Death) and an epilogue.

The basic ideas for this work are grooves and experimental sound moments. The theatrical and spatial aspect is very important during the performance.

The instruments consist of drums, shakers and object trouvés such as stones, etc.
Body percussion and the voices of the musicians are also used (primordial sounds, throat singing, ethnic use of the voice), to create stirring rhythms and sounds.



Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)


Dance of the Gods) (2019)
for percussion ensemble
commissioned by Marix (New Music Centre)
World premiere: 19 October 2019 at STUK in Leuven (BE)
Festival 20-21 - Transit
(Matrix Project)
DROM ensemble, conductor Jo Zanders