for African and Western percussion

CONFRONTATIONS was commissioned by Zuiderpershuis (World Culture Centre, Antwerp) in 2003.

In this composition Wim Henderickx wanted to let non-Western and Western percussion enter into a confrontation, inspired by African rhythm and dance. The melodic material was derived from typical African modi.
This original version was created in Burkina Fasso (Africa) in 2003 with Adama Dramé and Gert François.

Two master drummers (Western and non-Western) are accompanied by two choirs of  four percussionists.  For the composer it was important to let the two musical cultures enter into a confrontation, but also to let them melt together.

He used African percussion instruments, such as the djembe, the dundun and the balaphon. Typical Western percussion instruments were marimba, chimes, all kinds of drums etc. The performance is a mixture of improvisation and notation. 

The original version of CONFRONTATIONS is 75 minutes. The shorter Festival version of about 30 minutes contains these parts : 

I Oppression
II Revenge
III Confrontation
IV Fusion



Zuiderpershuis (2004)
Adama Dramé, Djembé,
Gert Francois, percussion


Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)

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for African and Western percussion (10 musicians)
(+/- 30’)
Original version (+/- 75’) was commissioned by Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp
Instrumentation: 2 master percussionists with each a choir of 4 percussion players
first performance: January 31, 2003 at the Conservatory of Amsterdam