ANTIFOON (Festival Edition)

for symphony orchestra, wind band, mixed choirs, soprano and baritone

ANTIFOON (Festival Edition) was commissioned by the Universities of Ghent and Liège (Belgium) on the occasion of their 200th anniversary in 2017.

The large form of the composition is meticulously set, as well as the harmonic structure. Three different energies determine the density, the fullness of the piece. In this structure, the musicians can improvise within the different energies. The dynamics go from piano (soft) to mezzo forte (moderately strong) to forte (strong).

The elements (played by the orchestras and the bands) and the colors (sung by the choirs) are the basis of this composition.

  French ARTICLE about this premiere on the website of the Université de Liège
   (March 2017)

The original version of ANTIFOON fitted into the concept 'The Sound of Hasselt and Genk' and was commissioned by the Unie Hasselt-Genk, Z33 and Musica in Neerpelt. Wim Henderickx wanted to create a 'living sound sculpture' with 500 musicians on the cable-stayed bridge (Tuikabelbrug) in Hasselt (BE).

  English ARTICLE about the premiere of the original version with 500 musicians
   (Classical Music Magazine, November 2014)



Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)


ANTIFOON (Festival Edition)
for symphony orchestra, wind band, mixed choirs, soprano and baritone
(+/- 20')
commissioned by Universiteit Gent and Université de Liège
First performance on 10 May 2017 at the Capitole in Ghent (BE)
Other performances at the Forum in Liège (11 May 2017)
and at Bozar in Brussels (16 May 2017)

Julie Mossay, soprano
Joris Derder, baritone

University choirs and orchestras from the Universities of Ghent and Liège (BE):
Choeur de L’Université de Liège, cond. Patrick Wilwerth
L’orchestre à cordes de L’Université de Liège (CIMI), cond. Sophie Pirard
Gents Universitair Harmonisch Orkest (GUHO), cond. Dimitri Bracke
Gents Universitair Koor (GUK), cond. Joris Derder
Gents Universitair Symfonisch Orkest (GUSO), cond. Steven Decraene
Continuo, cond. Kevin Hendrickx
General musical director: Wim Henderickx