SACRED PLACES II (The Valley of the Gods)

for flute, violoncello and piano

SACRED PLACES II was commissioned by Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2019 and
Kugoni Trio for the version with VIOLIN, ALTO SAXOPHONE AND PIANO.
Wim Henderickx composed this version for flute, violoncello and piano also in 2019.

The work contains the following 7 parts:
1 - Sacred Gongs
2 - Mantra
3 - Memory of Swayabhunath
4 - Shiva, the Destroyer and Creator
5 - Hope for Enlightenment

Sacred Places II was inspired by Wim Henderickx’s experiences during his stay in Kathmandu, Nepal. The spirituality he experienced at various locations left a deep impression on him and the energy he perceived at the stupa (hemispherical Buddhist structure for meditation) of Bouddhanath has become the basic inspiration for this piece. The work has various energies; sometimes excited with an enormous rhythmical drive, at other times introspective, with a meditative atmosphere.

Various instrumental techniques are used, such as multiphonics for the saxophone, playing inside the piano etc.
The use of microtonality is an important feature in this work.



Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)


Sacred Places II (The Valley of the Gods) (2019)
for flute, violoncello and piano (+/- 12')
first performance on 27 November at Beeldenstorm, Brussel
Phoenix Trio