* for string orchestra
* for concert band

CIRCUS SUITE was originally composed for flute (or oboe, bass clarinet, clarinet, bassoon or alto sax) and piano in 1992 especially for children.

In 2004 the composer rewrote this work for WOODWIND QUINTET.

In 2014 this version for string orchestra was composed and in the same year a version for 4 clarinets and bass clarinet.

In 2022 Hannes Vanlancker made a version for concert band, especially for Wim Henderickx's 60th birthday.

There are five parts, each reflecting a circus scene.

In the introduction the listener is plunged in a typical circus atmosphere.
In the second part there are the jugglers and tightrope dancers (light and sharp).
Then comes the wild animal tamer, a bit mysterious and looking for danger.
The acrobats and the clowns are respectively supple and amusing.
At the end (part 5) there is the parade where all the artists present themselves before the public.

This is music without pretention, which tries to stir up the imagination of children and adults. 


Available with Wim Henderickx.


Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)


for string orchestra (2014)
(+/- 8’)
for concert band (2022) (instrumentation by Hannes Vanlancker)
(+/- 8’)
first performance 23rd April, 2022
Koninklijke Harmonie Concordia Kunst naar Vermogen Moorsele
conductor, Hannes Vanlancker
OC De Stekke, Moorsele (BE)